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Opera Mini on iPhone magically approved by Apple!

Opera Mini on iPhone today was “magically” approved by Apple and is now available in Apple’s App Store now!


Tons of talks on Opera Mini when it first submit for Apple’s App Store for approval, no one expect it to be approved. Why? Because it is against Apple’s Approval Policy as Opera Mini is a browser which is a “duplicate” of Apple’s Safari’s functionality. Just like why Apple rejected Google Voice and many other apps.

But why is Opera Mini approved?

To be honest, no one will know, not even Opera? But we can guess that because Opera ain’t that big a company to scare Apple or maybe Opera’s Mini browser will actually improve iPhone’s browser experience especially when Mini have special compression method that actually speed up the browsing.

Quote from Opera upon the approval of Opera Mini:

We are delighted to offer iPhone and iPod touch users a great browsing experience with the Opera Mini App,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “This app is another step toward Opera’s goal of bringing the Web to more people in more places.

It is a good news for everyone, as we will now have a new browser choice, competition is always good for consumers.

Demo Video of Opera Mini on iPhone:

iReview – Miro Video Converter

I always have problem when I want to convert video from 1 format to another, especially when format not supported by iTunes or Handbrake, format like RMVB. I found a converter that do convert rmvb to mp4, and its FREE

Miro Video Converter is newly launched, Free and open-source. It runs on both Mac and Windows. It is based on FFMPEG thus it supports tons of formats.

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iPhone 4.0 – Multi-tasking finally!

Lots of features we wish iPhone have, lots of features are coming to iPhone 4.0. With multi-tasking, custom wall-paper(background),

Finally multi-tasking is coming to iPhone. Android, Palm and blackberry already have multi-tasking on their phones, so iPhone is one of the slowest to come with multi-task. But Steve Jobs promise they will be the best with multi-tasking. Not draining more battery or making the phone slow. How can they do that?

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Share any files instantly and easily in the web with CloudApp

Do you have a file that you wish to send to your friend or family members, but don’t know how to share? Do you have a song or video you wish to let your friend view/listen but don’t know where to upload? Alot of online files sharing sites are not user-friendly! Now you can just drag and drop a file online, instantly!

CloudApp is the new file sharing site + App which you can download and install on your Mac. By just drag and droping the file into the cloud icon on the menubar, you will instantly upload your file online. Next just paste the link onto email or IM chat to share the link! It is so simple!

Download CloudApp now!

Using Apple’s iPhone as your iPad’s Camera!

Lots of people actually complain about there are no camera on iPad.
Now you have an option! You can now use iPhone’s camera and act as iPad.

Download Camera A and Camera B App in the App Store, install Camera A in your iPad, and Camera B in your iPhone, connect them via bluetooth and boom! You have your wireless iPad camera with just $1!

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