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iPhone HD (4G) Leaked photos!

Rumors start flying after iPad is released. iPhone HD (4G) will be release around June, ever since the announcement of iPhone OS 4.0.Now we have leak photos of iPhone HD!

iPhone HD 4GEngadget has released iPhone HD (4G) leak photos! We have no way to tell if this will be the latest hardware as this iPhone was found on the floor of San Jose Bar. It can’t be boot up, but there is a front-facing camera and a 80-GB storage.

Inside of Macbook Pro 15 Inch

The exterior did not change at all, how about inside of it? To be honest nothing much have changed for the new 2010 Macbook Pro 15 inch.

The new 15 Inch MacBook Pro still look as neat as all Apple Product, beauty outside + inside, you will never get sick of seeing the inside of it. But nothing have change although new MBP 2010 now have i5/i7 Core, new graphics from NVDIA, but overall still very similar. [iFixit]

redsn0w released iPhone 4.0 beta jailbreak for iPhone 3G!

iPhone 3G only (for now)Last week after the announcement of iPhone 4.0, iPhone OS 4.0 got jailbroken the next day. Today redsn0w released their beta software for Jailbreaking iPhone OS 4.0 for iPhone 3G

jailbreak iPhone 4.0

redsn0w, one of the jailbreak team, released their beta software to help you jailbreak your iPhone OS 4.0 if they are on iPhone 3G model only. They are also the team who released the veency video on iPhone OS 4.0 last week.

Please note that, the jailbreaking tool is currently on BETA, alot of the software ain’t working! So please, only install and jailbreak if you know what you are doing.

SaskTel CEO : New iPhone on June

We all know that iPhone refresh almost once per year. Apple announced iPhone OS 4.0. It is only logical that they release a new iPhone! And it is announced by SaskTel CEO!

CEO Robert Watson from Saskatchewan-based SaskTel said:

The good news is that (Apple) is coming out with a new version of the iPhone in the June time-frame and they’re going to put us on that. So we’re quite excited about that.

So can we confirm we are getting new iPhone by June? Stay Tuned in and follow us in twitter @usingapple

Mobile Safari VS Opera Mini

Is Opera Mini faster than Mobile Safari – The answer is YES!

Page Loading Speed

Page load is definitely faster in Opera Mini than iPhone’s Mobile Safari. Out of the five or so sites load over Wi-Fi, the average load time of Opera Mini beat Safari by almost 15  seconds! Although the speed will vary if your connection to Opera’s Server is slow or Opera’s Server load is high. So now surfing on Opera Mini highly dependent on its server.

Browser Boot up time

Mobile Safari won this round by “caching” it iPhone System memory, although Safari’s boot up time is slower during cold start. Cold start meaning fresh from reboot of iPhone, when you launch Mobile Safari, it will be slower than Opera Mini. But after caching it, from then on, it only take close to 1 second to boot up.

If you wish to just have a quick check of the web and don’t want to wait 4 seconds for each launch. Safari is the one.

JavaScript, DOM and CSS Speed

Gizmodo team used Dramaeo browser performance testing tool to test JavaScript, DOM and CSS Speed for both mobile safari and Opera Mini. Although Mobile Safari took a long time for the test, but it still manage to complete the test, whereas Opera Mini failed most of them.

Looks and browsing experience

After using Opera Mini for 2 days or so, I feel it is clean and fast enough to be use as the main browser. Pinch and Zoom works fine, scrolling and surfing the web seems to be close to be as pleasant as browsing on mobile safari.

But the main issue is the rendering, Opera Mini when showing the whole page, rendered it in a very weird matter. Texts and Pictures can’t be seen as clearly as you can see on Mobile Safari. As seen on the picture above, Mobile Safari actually render the page in a nicer way, where you can see text and picture clearly whereas Opera Mini fails to present it nicely.

How are you carrying your iPad with you?

Here are some suggestions, although I don’t think you will be following them!

How are you carrying your iPad with you? Many will mostly put in their normal carrying bag, will you buy a bag just for iPad? Leave a comment on the post to share with us.

Benchmark for new Macbook Pro 15 inch Core i7 – Fast!

Gizmodo have benchmarked the new Macbook Pro 15 inch Core i7, and the result they got was – It’s so fast!

The just released Macbook Pro with i5 and i7 cores are really much faster! According to Gizmodo, it is almost 50% faster than the existing ones.

Benchmarks from Gizmodo

As we all know, encoding of videos are normally most cpu-hunger. So from the chart, i7 really did arond 40% better/fast than the exising core2 duo macbook pro

Close to 50% faster on Geekbench test for i7 Macbook pro 15 Inch

Last but not least, the xBench test was done, overall the results are close to 40% performance increased. It is pretty good!

Overall we can say that the new Macbook Pro are definitely much better in performance than the existing ones. But more reviews to come as we are interested in the improved battery life and the new NVIDIA graphics cards! [Gizmodo]

Macbook Pro line refreshed! 15″ and 17″ comes with i5 and i7 now!

Apple Store was down! We all know something is coming. Macbook Pro line refreshed!!

We all have been waiting for awhile for this refresh, ever since Apple refreshed Macbook line, making Macbook’s features and specs better than the low end 13″ MacBook Pro. Now we have finally seen the refresh.

13 Inch Macbook Pro
Now the lowest End 13″ MBP is updated with 2 more GB with Memory, 250GB of Hardisk, new NVIDIA graphics, faster processer, last but not the least, 10 hours of Battery life!

15 Inch Macbook Pro
Mid-End 15″ is upgraded with a i5 Chip where as the High-end 15″ is upgraded with i7!

17 Inch Macbook Pro
Strangely, it only have i5 rather than i7. Not too sure about the reasons. Details below:
Visit Apple Store now for more details!