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Sync to your iPhone Wirelessly using WiFi

Greg Hughes posted video on youtube teasing us on Sync your iPhone wirelessly through wifi!

Yes, and he is submitting his App to Apple for approval, but we all can tell it will be rejected, but nevertheless, we will be seeing his app at least on cydia.

here’s the video:

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100 years old woman love her iPad

This 100 years old woman in Virgina of Oregon bought her first computer in her life – an iPad.

She is not just enjoying her experience, she actually found reading and writing on iPad much easier due to her glucoma-suffering. In fact, she finished 2 ebooks and 12 limericks. Now she named herself technical-ninny, and one of her limerick can be found in the end of the video.

Playing Piano in Concert with iPad!

Previously, we post about 5 things iPad will do better than PC or Mac, there’s another thing now. Impress your Concert audience by playing piano – on a iPad!

This concert is on 4/19 at san francisco davies symphony hall — he walked out on stage with an iPad for his first (out of three) encores to play this.

iPad’s Camera adapter also supports USB keyboard and audio

iPad’s Camera adapter not only allows you to import photos, it also support USB keyboards and audio!

For those who don’t wish to buy bluetooth keyboard as they are quite pricey, now you have another option. Reports shown that iPad’s Camera adapters supports most of USB headphone, microphone  or headset and it can be used to listen to music or call on Skype!

Not only it can connect up USB audio, USB keyboards also reportedly connects as well, so those who don’t wish to spend money for a extra bluetooth keyboard, now you have an option not to buy it!

Below is a demo video on iPad’s Camera adapter:

5 Things that iPad will do better than PC/Mac

There’s lots of things Mac will do better than iPad, but there are things that iPad will be better than any Mac or PC


Rana demo-ed to us how you can use iPad to DJ! Pretty awesome!

Rana demo to us how she uses iPad Apps – Groovemaker House, Looptastic HD, iDaft, AC-7 Pro, Pianist Pro, and Sonosaurus Rex to DJ. Very innovative, and the mixes are really cool. [Destroy the Silence]

2. Drawing

We have seen how impressive drawing on iPhone can be, Now on iPad with a much larger screen, Drawing is much much better!

3. Reading

Reading on iPhone ain’t very cool, due to the small screen size, but with iPad reading is so cool especially with the new iBook and Kindle Apps.

4. Watching Videos

Needless to say iPad’s screen resolution is much better, with Apps like Netflix. ABC or maybe Hulu and iTunes watching videos are never easier!

5. Games

Need I say more? Gaming on iPhone rocks, gaming on iPad rocks even more!

This ain’t just the 5 things iPad can do better than any PC, just that this 5 things iPad can do so much better. iPad just launched for weeks, and I’m sure more and more awesome Apps will come about and make iPad even better. So can iPad replace any laptop/macbook, maybe not, but iPad can easily replace any netbook in the market.

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iPhone now generate most revenue for Apple

Apple first launch iPhone 3 years ago, now Apple’s iPhone generate 40% of the company’s revenue

From the chart above, we can clearly see that iPhone is now earning 40% of Apple’s revenue, and I’m sure it will still be growing. iPhone from first launch, have already sold close to 50million units. Which is superb, next in line is Mac.

With the newly launched MacBook Pro and iMacs, Mac’s sales figure will still be growing, in fact iPhone also helped to increase Macs sales.

Not to forget iPad which was just launch on April, with just 3 weeks into sales, Apple have already sold more than 500,000 iPads in US. It will sure to increase after Apple’s iPad international launch.

Dual Boot iPhone into Android now!

iPhone has been running a scaled down version of Mac OS X, but now you can actually dual boot iPhone running both iPhone OS and Android.

So who need to buy an Android phone anymore?

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