More leaked iPhone HD (4G) photos

Yesterday we posted the leaked photos of iPhone HD (4G), although lots of guys comment it looks fake and ugly. Today we have gotten more photos which is similar to the leaked photos.

Remember before iPad launch day, Engadget did posted a photo of the leaked iPad photo? We never did realise iPhone HD is just beside it!

We can clearly see the iPhone circled in red, it is not the iPhone we have seen before. It has aluminum type of material in between the black plastic/glass.

Macrumors also posted some photos from China, where you can see that the iPhone cases and body part are very similar to the photo we posted.

We can clearly see a slot for front-facing camera, so we can predict the next iPhone will have a camera infront for video chat!


More internal of iPhone HD photos are posted online! Weird that it might have removable battery as this is no a very “apple-ish” way as no product of Apple now have removable batteries! Honestly, I am starting to dismiss this leaked photos.

Insides of iPhone HD (4G)

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