Insides of iPhone HD (4G)

Gizmodo have opened up the “lost” iPhone next Gen

What’s different in the new iPhone HD?

Everything! Looking at the photos, everything is different!!

iPhone 3GS’s inside:

We can see that in iPhone 3GS, a big logic board is main component, CPU is also mounted on the board.

Look at the dropped iPhone next gen, it is like a puzzle! Lots of broken-up parts and mostly sealed between steel plate. We can also see that the boards and part all are squeeze into smaller part and the only part which is larger is the battery.

We can conclude that Apple’s main push for the hardware is not only camera and flash, it is the battery life. Why? Multi-tasking! Multi-tasking is huge in iPhone OS 4.0. It will be draining the battery, no matter how good iPhone OS 4.0 is at handling multi-task. Thus a boost to iPhone’s battery will be huge.

Altthough, we can’t see the CPU chip inside the next gen iPhone, but I’m pretty sure it will be Apple’s custom-made chip. It might not be A4, but somewhat better than the existing ones.

The inside of iPhone next gen is virtually nothing but a big battery, just like the iPad. [Gizmodo]

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