Benchmark for new Macbook Pro 15 inch Core i7 – Fast!

Gizmodo have benchmarked the new Macbook Pro 15 inch Core i7, and the result they got was – It’s so fast!

The just released Macbook Pro with i5 and i7 cores are really much faster! According to Gizmodo, it is almost 50% faster than the existing ones.

Benchmarks from Gizmodo

As we all know, encoding of videos are normally most cpu-hunger. So from the chart, i7 really did arond 40% better/fast than the exising core2 duo macbook pro

Close to 50% faster on Geekbench test for i7 Macbook pro 15 Inch

Last but not least, the xBench test was done, overall the results are close to 40% performance increased. It is pretty good!

Overall we can say that the new Macbook Pro are definitely much better in performance than the existing ones. But more reviews to come as we are interested in the improved battery life and the new NVIDIA graphics cards! [Gizmodo]

So, what do you think ?