5 things you need to know if you are still wondering should you switch to mac

Apple’s Mac sales has been up in recently years, mostly due to the success of iPhone. There are more and more iPhone users each day, and the numbers are still growing. It is true that iPhone has been pushing Mac’s sales, as most iPhone users have great experience using their iPhone.

But some are still wondering if they should switch to Mac, they are worried about many things when switching to mac. Here’s 5 things you need to know if you are still wondering should you switch.

1. I can’t use Microsoft Office and can’t check my office/work’s email.

If you are working, you are most likely using MS Office, including Words, Powerpoint or Excel, and having Microsoft Exchanges Email Account. Stop worrying! Mac actually support MS Office and you can actually check your MS Exchanges Email using Mac OS’s Mail client! You can buy MS Office for Mac in Apple Store and setup your exchange account in Mail.

2. Mac are much more expensive than any PCs and you are paying Apple’s Tax!

Yes, it is true in some way, Apple’s Macbooks and iMac are more expensive than any PCs with same hardware specs. But you ain’t really pay the Apple Tax.

Here is what you will get from any Macbook or iMac:

  • Super Cool designed Hardware – Macbook, Macbook Pro and iMacs
  • Durable Materials – Unibody of Macbook Pro and quality glass screen of iMacs/Macbooks
  • Energy Efficient – Apple’s product are one of the greenest around, consuming much lesser power than most similar PCs
  • Mac OS Snow Leopard – One of most user-friendly OS you will ever use, cool features and without virus
  • iLife – All new Macbook/iMac comes with iLife (includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb & iDVD)
    • iPhoto – One of the most user-friendly Photo management software around, import and manage your photo with ease
    • iMovie – Best Amateur Movie editor software, import, edit, export your home video in minutes with ease!
    • GarageBand – Learn to play guitar, piano at own pace, record your jam session and edit them!
    • iWeb – Design, Publish and update your website without a single line of HTML codes.
    • iDVD – Create Hollywood style DVD from your Home video or photo slideshows
  • Do I need to say more?

3. Macs are not upgradable

The question is what do you want to upgrade? Most of the stuff we upgrade on laptop or desktop nowadays are just more rams and more harddisk space. Apple’s Macbook and iMac’s RAMs and Harddisk are upgradable, in fact, you can buy and brand of RAMs and Harddisk which are compatible to upgrade them.

Hardware price drop alot after they are bought, but Apple’s hardware price don’t drop as much as others, resale price are great.

4. Macs are not compatible with my existing PCs.

Macs are extremely compatible with any Windows or Linux PCs, not only that, Macs can connect to network, PCs or network drive with ease. Shared Files or Folders on Mac or PC are visible both ways, and can be shared easily. Once you try connecting Mac to network, you will find that connecting Windows/Linux Machine to the net is extremely difficult. It is that easy for Mac.

5. I have existing software that only runs on Windows.

It’s a problem, yes, but it is not if you buy softwares like Parallel or VMWare Fusion or even the free Virtualbox. For Parallel and Fusion, you are able to run any windows program on Mac OS itself without entering into windows mode. It runs as though it is running on Mac. Else you can actually find similar software of your existing software that runs on Mac


    So, what do you think ?