Mac Sales everywhere!

First MacHeist, then MacUpdate then now Macbuzzer… Everything on Mac is on sales!

Check out their latest and cool promotion, not only will save you bucks, you will get lots of freebies too!

2 Weeks ago MacHeist came out with their nanoBundles (Promotion Ended) with 8 Mac Apps for $19.95


  1. MacJournal ($40) – Brainstorming Mac App
  2. RipIt ($20) – Easy DVD Rip App
  3. Clips ($27) – Expands the Mac OS Built-in clipboard, store multiple clip
  4. CoverScout ($39.95) – Finds missing cover arts in iTunes
  5. Flow ($25) – FTP Client for Mac
  6. Tales of Monkey Island ($34.95) – Remade Old time Classic LucasArt game!
  7. RapidWeaver ($79) – Easy web creation tool
  8. Tweetie ($19.95) – One of the most popular twitter client on Mac

In addition, nanoBundle customers will be able to get 3 more free apps just by tweeting Macheist!

3 Free Apps:

Total Value : $280, pay only $19.95

MacUpdate recently also came out with their MUpromo bundle, selling 10 apps at just $49.99! Including Parallel which cost $79 by itself.


MacUpdates Promo Bundle Apps includes:

  1. Hyperspaces ($12.95) – Mac OS Space customization
  2. Web Snapper ($15) – Safari plug-in to capture Web page into PDF or Image
  3. Hydra ($79.95) – High dynamic range imaging software
  4. SpellCatcher ($39.95) – Global spell check App
  5. Parallels 5 ($79.99) – Run Windows on your Mac without booting in boot camp
  6. Timeline 3D ($65) – 3D Timeline Presentation App
  7. Back-In-Time ($29) – Very Easy access to Apple’s Time Machine backup
  8. ForeverSave ($14) – Document backup and tracker
  9. Mac DVDRipper Pro ($9.95) – Rip DVD and save in your Mac
  10. Mac Scan ($29) – Scan and protect your mac from virus

All of the Applications, add up to be around $295, but I think Parallel will be the major attraction as it is easily one of the best and useful Mac Application.

MacUpdate Promo will end on March 31, so don’t wait, grab your copy of the bundle now!

MacBuzzer also have their own version of Promotion selling their apps at a 70% discount!


All of their apps will be discounted by 70%:

  1. Sponge ($26) – Clean up your Harddisk :Discounted Price ($7.80)
  2. Thoughts ($34.50) – Organize your thoughts onto a document: Discounted Price ($10.35)
  3. MainMenu ($20) – Speed up your Mac :Discounted price ($6)

Macbuzzer’s promo will end by 23rd of March. So please grab your app now!


So, what do you think ?