iPhone users freeze, everyone is waiting for iPhone 4G?

Shares of iPhone has not moved up from October 2009 to January 2010.  Whereas RIM and Android moved up. Is iPhone losing its attraction?

market share

From our point of view, Android was very strong in the last quarter and first quarter of SmartPhone. They pushed out Droid, Nexus One and varies other phone within a short period of time. Not only that most of the Android Phone that were pushed out were very very good phone. On Par or maybe even better than iPhone 3Gs which has been in market for almost 1.5yrs.

What’s more is that iPhone lovers are all waiting for new updates on iPhone rather than buying back the 1 yr old iPhone 3GS which rumored to be coming out around June July period.

What’s your say on this? Are you waiting for the new iPhone or iPhone don’t attract you as much as before? Please leave your comment or reply to us @usingapple

[Chart from Gizmodo, stats from ComScore]

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