iPhone HD (4G) rumored to be announce on June 22 2010

It is not surprising to see iPhone rumors as it is almost time for iPhone’s yearly refresh. Engadget reported that iPhone HD will be announced on June 22 2010! All this follow up stories are trigger by the Wall Street Journal burst out a “Breaking News”

Apple is developing a new iPhone to debut this summer and also appear to be working on another model for U.S. mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless.

Read more for the details about the up and coming rumored iPhone HD!

Processor – It is rumored that iPhone HD (4G) will be powered by Apple custom-built chip A4 which is also powering Apple’s iPad. Apple A4, the 1 GHZ processor is based on ARM architecture and it comes with CPU and graphics processing unit. We have all seen how iPad process games and video, its fast!

Front-facing Camera – We have all heard, seen, think about Front facing camera from the first gen iPhone. So will it finally come? From the features that iPhone have been adding. I think it is highly possible. iPhone 3GS is already one of the best smartphone around. With good video recording capability, good speed, good apps, good maps, what else more is lacking in iPhone? Honestly, there is very very little that iPhone is lacking, thus adding 1 more camera in front might even push iPhone to be the most interactive smartphone around.

Resolution/Screen – iPhone have to improve on their screen resolution, if not the screen. Yes iPhone still have the best-touch screen in the world. But its competitors like Androids, have been coming out with OLED, super high resolution screen. So it is time for iPhone to upgrade their Screens too!

LED Flash – Like previously mentioned above, iPhone 3GS have one of the best camera and video capture for smartphones. But its night shots ain’t very impressive. Although LED flash might not help alot, but it does help when there is no environment lights around. It will definitely help in the overall quality of the picture/video.

Network – CDMA version coming out? Everyone in U.S. is waiting for iPhone to come out with CDMA version so they can use with Verizon. But for us, usingapple team, based in Singapore, we are happy that iPhone supports all 3 carriers, Singtel, Starhub and M1.

Ain’t we all excited and waiting for the announcement of new iPhone? Ain’t we? I am!


So, what do you think ?