Create custom ringtone for iPhone using iTunes

How many times have you heard the your ringtone ringing in public bus or train? How many times did you though that was your iPhone ringing? Today’s iLearn will guide you through creating your own custom ringtone without any other programs.

This trick will be available for both iTunes for Mac and Windows. (Note that Screen Shots are on Mac)

Step by Step guide in post, read more!

Step 1: Plug in your iPhone, and open up your iTunes.

Step 2: Go to your iTunes Preference

Step 3: Look for “Import Settings” Button and click on it.

Step 4: Make sure “Import Using” is ACC Encoder, settings can be leave at iTunes Plus

Step 5: Click on OK, then click on OK on the General Section

Step 6: Back in iTunes main window, Click on Music Tab

Step 7: Browse through your library and select the song that you wish to convert to ringtone

Step 8: Right click on the song, select “Get Info”

Step 9: Now you are at Summary tab, Click on “Option” tab and Fill in the start time and end time that you wish to crop out. As iPhone Ringtone only support up to around 30seconds of music. Thus ensure that your start time and end time should not be more than 30 seconds.

Step 10: After filling up the time that you wish to crop out. Click on OK
Step 11: Right Click on the same song that you have previously selected, and select “Create ACC Version

Step 12: Now, in your iTunes Music folder, you should see another version of the same song created, note that the duration is only 30 seconds. (That’s our newly created RingTone version of the song)
Step 13: Right Click on the 30-Seconds version of the song, and select show in finder(For mac)

Note that the song you just created will be in .m4a format, search for the song and rename it’s format to .m4r (r for ringtone)

Step 14: We are almost done! After you have renamed the file, still in the files windows(Finder), drag the file into the RingTone tab in iTunes.

Step 15: Now you can sync the newly created ringtone into your iPhone!

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  • Reply Vincent |


    Have followed the above but the converted ring tone does not appear on the iPhone only on the iTunes Ringtones folder. Did Apple covered this loop holes to force purchases from them only for ring tones? Problem is customised ring tones are quite a personal preference.

    • Reply usingapple |

      Hi Vincent,

      I don't quite understand your issue here. So meaning you have converted a acc version but it did not appear in your folder?

      The steps are after your convert to ACC version, you have to go to the folder where your orginal mp3 is, find the smaller version that you have converted. Rename the file from m4a to m4r.
      After that, drag the file into the iTunes Ringtone. ( IF you don't see iTunes Ringtone folder right? Go to perference, Show section, click on Ringtone. Then you will be able to see the Ringtone section)

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