Apple will replace your iPad battery for $99

Apple is moving all its product, including the new iPad, to non-removable batteries as these sets of batteries are R&D by Apple and their Battery performance really good.

In New Macbook/Macbook Pro, the batteries can last 4-5hours with Wi-Fi on, surfing webs and doing your daily stuff. This kind of battery life is not seen in alot of other laptops.

Although most of the new batteries now can be recharge up to 5000 times before it become unuable, but I am sure alot of macbook users experience a drop of battery life after around 1000 times of recharge.  So how can you change your iPad battery?

Apple have launched the iPad Battery Replacement Program, which allows you to replace your iPad battery if they stop holding charge.


It costs $99 for each iPad battery and $6.95 for shipping charges. But you still need to bring your iPad down to Apple Retail Store to replace the battery! We are not sure how easy or hard it is to replace the iPad battery now. But I’m sure youtube will have video to coach you on that when iPad is launch.  But it is still recommended for you to bring down to Apple Store to change it!

So, what do you think ?