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iPhone HD (4G) rumored to be announce on June 22 2010

It is not surprising to see iPhone rumors as it is almost time for iPhone’s yearly refresh. Engadget reported that iPhone HD will be announced on June 22 2010! All this follow up stories are trigger by the Wall Street Journal burst out a “Breaking News”

Apple is developing a new iPhone to debut this summer and also appear to be working on another model for U.S. mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless.

Read more for the details about the up and coming rumored iPhone HD!

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Leaked screen shot of iPad App Store!

Screen shot of iPad’s App Store has been leaked out. It seems to be very similar to what we see in iTunes on Mac or Windows, due to the screen size of iPad, but overall easier to purchase and navigate.

Apple has been accepting App for iPad for almost 2 weeks, and the official launch of iPad is on April 3. Its only 1 week away!

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Create custom ringtone for iPhone using iTunes

How many times have you heard the your ringtone ringing in public bus or train? How many times did you though that was your iPhone ringing? Today’s iLearn will guide you through creating your own custom ringtone without any other programs.

This trick will be available for both iTunes for Mac and Windows. (Note that Screen Shots are on Mac)

Step by Step guide in post, read more!

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Squeeze reduced my total harddisk size by 20gb!

Remember Squeeze from latenitesoft? It now saved my total harddisk size by 20gb! Meaning I have 20gb more space to download stuff! How amazing!

1 month ago when MacHeist gave our Squeeze for free before its nano-bundle. I have grabbed a copy of it, and during that time i have posted how much it actually squeezed my files. It was 175mb.

Now, after 1 month, Squeeze for Mac not just saved me 175mb. It actually saved 21.8gb! And it is still squeezing as I am blogging this post! How amazing is that?

What can I say about this software? I will say this is great. Especially for users who are on Macbook or Macbook Pro, where harddisk space is so limited and important. Squeezing the whole document or download folder will definately help in saving space.

What is best is that although the files in folders are compressed, but they still can be access without any problem. No unzipping, no nothing. When Squeeze is squeezing your files, it did not took up too much CPU power, to be honest, i don’t sense any lag nor slowness, I don’t even know it is actually compressing my files.

So what are you waiting for? Download Squeeze now at latenitesoft!

iPhone’s SMS database got hijacked in 20 seconds!

Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf Philipp Weinmann took part in Pwn2Own 2010, and managed to hijack iPhone’s SMS Database withing 20 seconds!


This duo used an exploit previously unknown and created a webpage. By luring targeted iPhone to the site, it will hijack the iPhone’s SMS database within 20 seconds.

Although this exploit will cause iPhone’s Safari to crash, but Weinmann said with more codes and effort, he could successfully attack without crashing the browser.

Weinmann explained :

Basically, every page that the user visits on our [rigged] site will grab the SMS database and upload it to a server we control

Weinmann, a 32-year-old from the University of Luxembourg, collaborated with Iozzo (a 22-year-old Italian researcher from Zynamics) on the entire hijacking process, from finding the vulnerability to writing the exploit.

The entire process took them about two weeks.

Iozzo and Weinmann received $15,000 for writing this contest-winning exploit, but no details of the hack will be released until Apple has been notified and is able to patch the vulnerability. [ZDNet]

Opera Mini for iPhone speed up mobile browsing on slow network!

Gizmodo recently posted a video on the browsing on iPhone using Opera Mini.

We have talked about how fast Opera Mini will be, it uses Opera’s Server to download the page content, render it into a “mobile” version before sending it back to iPhone.
Thus reducing the data/size of the page.

Enjoy the video, and hope that Apple approves the App!

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Lock iPad Screen rotation mute button

Apple did a minor tweak to the original iPad hardware, no! not adding a front-facing camera, but a Screen Rotation lock!


If you have noticed previously, the button was designed for muting the device, but Apple did a update on it and change it to a Screen Rotation Lock.

So what does it do? It actually lock the screen in the orientation that it is currently at when u click on it. Thus the screen will not change it orientation when you move while browsing the web or watching a video clip.

From my opinion, I think it is a very good idea, as most people will be using iPad as their main reading or browsing device. And most people will do the browsing or reading or watching on the most comfortable place – The Bed. With this orientation lock, users can lay on the bed, sit on the bed or any position they like and still be able to enjoy the iPad without worrying about the orientation changes.

Very good job Apple to understand use case by users!

Apple started their iPad Pre-Order, now users can purchase iPad and it will ship by April 3!

Apple will replace your iPad battery for $99

Apple is moving all its product, including the new iPad, to non-removable batteries as these sets of batteries are R&D by Apple and their Battery performance really good.

In New Macbook/Macbook Pro, the batteries can last 4-5hours with Wi-Fi on, surfing webs and doing your daily stuff. This kind of battery life is not seen in alot of other laptops.

Although most of the new batteries now can be recharge up to 5000 times before it become unuable, but I am sure alot of macbook users experience a drop of battery life after around 1000 times of recharge.  So how can you change your iPad battery?

Apple have launched the iPad Battery Replacement Program, which allows you to replace your iPad battery if they stop holding charge.


It costs $99 for each iPad battery and $6.95 for shipping charges. But you still need to bring your iPad down to Apple Retail Store to replace the battery! We are not sure how easy or hard it is to replace the iPad battery now. But I’m sure youtube will have video to coach you on that when iPad is launch.  But it is still recommended for you to bring down to Apple Store to change it!