Winter weather might change your iPhone’s moisture indicator color

iphoneindicatorCold weather might change the moisture indicator color in your iPhone, causing you to fail the moist test that Apple Care will check if you ever go there.


Polish website Moje Jabluszko decided to run a few tests on iPhone to see just how winter temperature affect iPhone’s Moisture Indicator.

Although iPhone Tech Specs mention that iPhone’s Environment Requirement stated that Operating Temperature is 0 degree to 35 degree Celsius, Storage Temperature range from -20 to 45. But after the test conducted by them, they realised that the temperature in the indicator are not very accurate. The Test found out Indicator turned red when outdoor temperature is around -11 degree celsius.

Look @ the video for more information on the test!


  • Reply zaf |

    Malaysia's average humidity is already 86%.

    Apple is a no-go in a humid country.

    • Reply tobiascai |

      I live in Singapore. Humidity is as high as Malaysia… But my iPhone's moisture indicator did not turn color. 🙂

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