Great Application and Product on MacWorld


Although I did not attend to MacWorld Expo to experience and view the exhibitions, but there are blogs and news on MacWorld throughout the events. We now list a few innovative products that were found on MacWorld Expo that we love.



Square is a mobile credit card service that is very innovative! With iPhone, little card reader, and a Credit card. That’s all you need for billing your customers, anywhere in the world. Previously I have posted a video on Kevin Rose demo-ing Square, but that time alots of details are still not confirmed.

To use square, download their $1 App in App Store, sign up for the service @ their website, and they will send you a small dongle which will be used to swipe cards. Key in the amount and bill the customers, no individual merchant account is needed as Square does all the payment process, but at a fee of 2.9% of all sales.

Currently Square is still on beta, and will most likely be launching end of the year, stay tuned for updates!

Wireless DisplayDock for Mac by Wisar


Wisar have announced to support Wireless USB DisplayDock for Mac. What is it? It is displaying your Mac’s display on HDTV without any cables, no VGA/HDMI cables from your Mac to your living room’s HDTV. Amazing ya? How many times did you wish that you can watch the latest download movies on TV rather on your 13″ MacBook Pro? Or many times you wish to share your photos with your family especially but find it hard to let everyone see it from a 15″ Macbook?

Now you can wirelessly display your Mac’s display on a HDTV in your living room without cables running!


Screen shot 2010-02-14 at PM 11.41.27

Yapper announced that they will be launching a service for Bloggers, Content creators and companies who wish to have their own App on Apple’s App Store, but do not have time/money/skills to create one. Now with Yappers, you can create App with ease just by followings steps from Yappers without a line of coding.

  • You can just post up your RSS Feed or CMS Feed, it will optimize it for mobile viewing.
  • What’s more amazing? It supports multi-platform, From Apple’s iPhone OS, Android and even BlackBerry.
  • Content Caching (users will be able to read offline)
  • Push notification for news and events
  • Monetization and analytics supports

Pricing details are not out yet, but they mentioned it will be very affordable. So we gotta stay tuned for it!

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