Girls and Kids love the iPhone & iPod Touch

girlsAdmob just released their January 2010 Mobile Metrics report and the report shows that iPhone and iPod Touch are loved by Girls and Kids compare to Google’s Android and Palm’s webOS.


As iPod Touch can be bought without Mobile plans, parents buy lots of them for their kids, as xmas gifts or birthday gifts. That’s most likely the result why iPod Touch is filled with majority of 17 or younger age range.averageapp

Apple’s App Store is still the strongest App Store in mobile industry, having the most download not only from iPhone and also from iPod Touch, but iPhone commands the most download Paid Apps. This might be due to adults are the ones who have their credit card, and are using iPhone rather than iPod Touch. But the margins are not too different!

Can Android catch up with Apple App Store? From the looks at the graphs, Android still have some way to go. But it is slowly and steadily catching up.

So, what do you think ?