Flash will cause iPad’s battery to only last 1.5 hours


According to Steve Jobs, If Flash is on iPad, it will bring it’s 10 hour battery life to a merely 1.5hour! Almost 85% decrease in battery life! At least, this is what Steve have pitched to Wall Street Journal.

Honestly, it is yes and no. If iPad’s version of flash were to have some kind of hardware acceleration, it will not require as much of CPU as those non version. But it might be too much trouble to really make it happen and with alot of cost. Is it really worth it for Apple to put in Flash?

In my opinion, I think it is a good idea for them not to put Flash in iPad/iPhone.

Firstly, I don’t think flash is optimize at all. Alot of time when I play flash games, my CPU usage will be 80-85%. It is very high, compare to programs like iMovie and those video processing program. Flash is almost using the same amount of CPU power! Impressive right? Can you imagine playing farmville or cafe world in iPad? I would have to agree with Steve that the battery would most likely not last more than 2 hours.

Next, HTML5. We have all seen HTML5, and we all know how good and how much potential that it have.

Conclusion, I will stay beside Jobs and support him that no Flash on iPad or iPhone unless Flash can use less processing power or until HTML5 is good enough or as good as Flash!

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