Cost of Making Apple iPad


We all know that the price for the low range iPad cost 499, highest one which 3G will cost you around USD$829. But how much does it cost for Apple to produce iPad? In this blog post, we will write about how much does it really cost Apple to produce 1 iPad

Lots of people were commenting on iPad’s price is high, some are saying that this is the one Product that Apple launch with amazing low price. But how much does it really cost Apple to produce iPad? iSuppli came with a estimated cost chart.

Cost_Apple iPad

From the Chart above, it seems like the 9.7 inch IPS Screen and the Flash Memory made up the major cost for iPad. Comparing the 6 types of iPad, it seems like Apple will make the most money out from the mid-range of iPads, and make the least for the lower range iPad.

Please note that this chart is just an estimation, but it cool to know how much it actually cost to produce a iPad.

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