Monthly Archives: February 2010

Apple 3rd in Customer Service in US


BusinessWeek has release their result for best customer service 2010. Apple is now ranked 3rd in US for Customer Service! We all have heard stories on how Apple treat their customers, how responsive and how responsible the Genius are in Apple Store.

Not Surprisingly Apple took the 3rd place, but Apple actually ranking higher than Service-Oriented business like Hotels, eg Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton Hotels. Impressive in my opinion, and hope that Apple’s Customer Service will continue to improve even with the growing market share.

Wedding in Apple Store


Josh and Ting first met at an Apple Store, and where can they find a better place to wed than among Macbooks and iPods? Apple was not told and consult of this event, which took place at Fifth Ave of New York City. So the bride and groom just appear in the Apple Store, Flash Mob style, but due to this happy event. Apple Store employee did not stop them and let them continue to have their wedding!

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Cost of Making Apple iPad


We all know that the price for the low range iPad cost 499, highest one which 3G will cost you around USD$829. But how much does it cost for Apple to produce iPad? In this blog post, we will write about how much does it really cost Apple to produce 1 iPad

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