Last Apple Tablet Rumors round-up before Apple’s Event


We have heard and seen huge amount of Apple “Magical” Tablet rumors, and all will be coming to an end after Apple’s 27 January Event. No matter what device Apple is going to annouce on that day, I am sure it will be a very innovotive device.

But as we all have been hearing, Apple will be releasing its Tablet. Wall Street Journal have released news on Apple Tablet – It is stated it will be a device used by whole family, which can even recognize each individual faces.

It was stated that Apple will be partnering up old media like Newspapers, magazines, textbooks, and even television with its up-and-coming tablet. Making it the one media device that family will need. It is also rumored that Apple will partner up to take over Google as the default search engine.

Cloud-Based iTunes Service – would allow music to be purchase and preview without using iTunes software, making buying music more portable and Application free. WSJ was told the service will launch around June 2010.

Apple Tablet

  • The tablet will include virtual keyboard.
  • Games will be huge on Tablet, continuing from Apple’s iPhone platform
  • 3.5mm stero headphone jack will be available
  • Built in Speaker
  • Microphone
  • 10-inch display framed by a black border
  • Ability to dock up

New Leaked Photo from Engadget!


Journal also mention in their article that the device might cost up to US$1,000 which is quite steep in my point of view. But who knows what will Apple’s price point be in regards to their recent price slashes.

Apple’s 27 January Event


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Apple started preparing the for 27th January event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, large banners are being place out at the building, the usual Apple Event Style.

Event will start on 27th January 2010 @ 10am Pacific Time.

Stay Tuned for the update after Apple unveils their New Creation!

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