iPhone Facebook 3.1 adds Contact Sync and Push Notification


Facebook App for iPhone has been updated with version 3.1.1. This updates bring features that lots of users are waiting for quite sometime. Yes! Contact Synchronization and Push Notification!

As a regular Facebook user, during the course of the day, We would fire up the Facebook App in iPhone to check for friends’ updates every now and then.

Now with Pushing Notification, you will be able to keep track of your friend’s post, messages, friends’ request, photo tags, comments and events without firing up your iPhone App. Instead, you will be notify if there is a recent updates from your friends.

Facebook 3.1.1 also added Sync for your facebook friends to your iPhone contact/address book. To Sync up your contacts, Click on “Friends”, tap on “Sync” and switch “sync” to ON. Facebook App will then retrieve Friends contact and sync up your iPhone contacts including Profile Pictures.


Update your iPhone Facebook App now, or download Facebook App here!


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