iPhone is making mobile gaming popular


Apple iPhone is making mobile gaming more popular than ever. According to MacWorld a survey of 8,000  gamers found that 54 percent of respondents in North America and 69 percent of respondents in Europe had played a game on their mobile phone in the past year.

What is interesting is that 15 percent of respondents already own an iPhone or iPod Touch, compare to 29 percent that owned Nintendo DS.

As games are actually much cheaper on iPhone compare to mobile gaming devices like Nintendo DS and PSP. Consumers with iPhone don’t have to carry additional device, and most importantly Apple’s App Store is so accessible that users can buy games on the move unlike PSP and DS where you need physical media or at least wifi.

Personally I think Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch will definetly push mobile gaming to a new level, and users will start to play game more often on mobile devices like iPhone!

Have you guys played a game on iPhone?

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