App Store now officially has 100,000 of Apps

Apple announced that App Store now has 100,000 Apps available for download!appstore

We all know that Apple have recently announced more than 2 billion downloads from 77 countries! Apple has been focusing on boosting the App Store as we all know that App Store is the huge difference betweeen Androidd and Blackberry. As Apple have the largest and most downloaded App Store.

Apple App Store have seen tremendous growth, having just open up for just 1 and a quarter of year! Yes, App Store is just over 1 year old and it have already served more than 2 billion downloads worldwide.

App Store Apps counts:

June 2009            : 35,000 Apps

September 2009: 85,000 Apps

Novemeber 2009: 100,000 Apps

The number of Apps has been increasing exponentially and  still increasing!

Meanwhile, competitors like Android and Blackberry are trying to make their way for in their own App Store, the closest competitor Android now have 10,000 Apps is still no where near App Store.

So, what do you think ?